Our Menu

eat in or take away

Warm Drinks


Double espresso


Caffe latte* (double espresso)

Latte Macchiato

Flat White* (double espresso)



Decaffeinated coffee available









*Soy, Coconut, Almond or Oat milk


Hot Chocolate (Whipped cream + €0,50)

Tea, Black, Green, Rooibos 

Fresh Mint Tea

Fresh Ginger Tea





Cold Drinks

Sparkling water Red 

Flat water blue (carafe)

Fritz is one of the world's most energizing colas (25mg caffeine / 100ml). Contains real colanogen extract and natural caffeine. 

Fritz Kola Sugar free

Fritz Kola

Fritz Lemon Lemonade

Fritz Organic Rhubarb

Fritz Honeydew Melon

Fritz Orange

Fritz Lemon

Bos Ice Tea Originating from South Africa, Bos Ice Tea is made from pure organic rooibos.


Lime en Ginger


Infused Rooibos

Appelaere is one hundred percent pure juice. Healthy and tasty, without additives and from Zeeland

Appelaere Apple juice

Sinaasappelaere Orange juice

Perelaere Pear juice

Homemade Kombucha (Diverse tastes available)

100% natural, raw & unpasteurized, local & organic

Freshly pressed orange juice





















Bowls / Wraps / Bagels

Gluten free and lactose free bowls, wraps and bagels (+€1,00) available

v. vegetarian / v. v. vegan

Vegan bowl v v.

Big. €12,50 Small. €8,50

Fresh lettuce, radish, avocado, loose vegan mincemeat and various vegetables served with a homemade jalapeno sauce and oat spread. 

Falafel bowl   v v.

Big.   €12,50  Small.   €8,50 

Fresh falafel and avocado with various greens and hummus. 

Chicken quinoa bowl

 B. €12,50  Sm€8,50

Smoked chicken strips with mango, fresh lettuce, peas and more. 

Salmon bowl

B.   €14,50  Sm.   €9,50

Fresh lettuce with premium Norwegian salmon, soja beans and various vegetables. 

Zeeland goat cheese bowl  v.  

B.   €12,50  Sm.   €8,50

A vegetarian salad with goat cheese, walnuts, wholemeal rice, various vegetables, fruit and a honey mustard dressing. 

Vegan wrap v v.

Big. €11,00 Small. €9,50

Fresh lettuce, avocado, carrot, loose vegan mincemeat and a homemade jalapeno sauce and oat spread. 

Falafel wrap    v v.

Big. €11,00   Small. €9,00

Perfect for veggies, The combination of fresh lettuce, hummus, falafel balls and various vegetables. 

Chicken and Mango wrap 

 B. €11,00   Sm. €9,50

A surprising combination of smoked chicken strips with the freshness of mango and various vegetables, served with a piri piri sauce. 

Smoked salmon wrap 

B. €12,50  Sm. €11,00

Premium smoked Norwegian salmon, various vegetables, sesame seeds and a delicious homemade chive dill sauce. 

Zeeland goat cheese wrap  v. 

B. €11,00  Sm. €9,50

Fresh lettuce, whole grain rice, beetroot, goat cheese, walnuts and fruit served with a honey mustard dressing. 

Vegetable Bagels   


Summer  vegan  bagel  v v.

Fresh lettace, avocado, carrot, loose vegan mincemeat and a homemade jalapeno sauce with oat spread.  

Red bagel - Italiaanse touch   v v.

Made from - Tomatoes - Grilled Peppers - Oregano. 

With oat spread, lettuce, avocado and sundried tomatoes 

Purple bagel - Sweet roasted   v.

Made from - Black carrot - Beetroot - Black garlic.

With fresh lettuce, goat cheese, walnuts and honey mustard sauce. 

Yellow bagel - Spicy touch

Made from - Yellow carrots - Fresh turmeric - Corn - Red peppers.

With fresh lettuce, smoked chicken, mango and piri piri sauce 

Green bagel - Taste the salty sea

Made from - Seaweed - Sea algae - Pepper - Garlic.

With chive dill sauce, fresh lettuce, smoked salmon and sesame seeds 

Orange bagel - Fresh and slightly sweet

Made from - Sweet potato - Orange carrot - Ginger.

With fresh lettuce, smoked chicken, mango and piri piri sauce 

Kids Bagel  - €5.50 

Vegan chocolate spread and fresh fruit.

Whipped cream +€0,50

 Smoothies   €5.50

Varied healthy freshly made smoothies


Spinach, ginger, mint, lemon and apple juice


Mango, spinach, apple juice and mint

Iron Man:

Avocado, banana, spinach and apple juice


Beetroot, banana, mango and orange juice

Kids smoothie:

Banana and mango 

Also tasty

let yourself be pampered 

Gluten free Brownies €2.25

Our famous homemade gluten-free browine 

Carrot Cake  €3.75


Summer fruit cup €4.95

Only available in season, a tasty fruit salad with fresh fruit 

Yogurt indulgence €4.75

Fresh farmer's yogurt with muesli and fresh fruit.
Great for breakfast, lunch or in between.
Choice of:
Tropical Fruit muesli
Apple and hazelnut muesli
Cranberry muesli 

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